Our Mission

     We of the Fort Henry Project are attempting to educate and enlighten the public as to the life and times of those who lived on the early frontier. We feel empowered to speak for those whose voices have been silent by the passing of time. We pledged to give our best effort in explaining the events of the last battle of Fort Henry.

     Through the use of a complete battle re-enactment, verbal imagery and oral interpretation, we pray we will transcend the barrier of time and bring to the public the emotional highs and lows of Wheeling, Virginia in 1782. Wheeling of the 18th century is gone. It's Fort is no longer standing. The participants of this event are no more. The Indians, the British, the renegades, the settlers, the slaves, and the defenders of the Fort have all passed away. But their story lives on as a testament to the tenacity and diligence of the human spirit.



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