Strictly 60's MIDI Files P-S
Song Title Artist  Size  Time Comment
  Paint It Black  The Rolling Stones   72K   2:59  Classic Stone's song
  People  Barbra Streisand   12K   3:37  Nice piano arrangement
  Pinball Wizard  The Who   68K   3:23  This is....
 Classic Rock At It's Best
  Pipeline  The Chantays   48K   3:41  Nice song
  Pretty Woman  Roy Orbison   47K   3:00  This is well done
  Puff The Magic Dragon  Peter, Paul & Mary   40K   2:41  Finally, a song that
 makes sense!
  Rag Doll  The Four Seasons   17K   3:08  Remember their songs?
  Reach Out I'll Be There  The Four Tops   40K   3:11  Another great Motown hit
  Remember Then  The Earls   25K   2:09  This is GREAT
  Rhythm Of The Rain  The Cascades   20K   2:24  Another nice MIDI for you
  Roses Are Red My Love  Bobby Vinton   20K   2:49  Mellow sound
  Runaway  Del Shannon   28K   4:27  You Gotta Hear This One
  Runaway  Del Shannon   28K   2:20  You'll like this!
  Running Bear  Johnny Preston   39K   2:09  #1 song in January of 1960.
 My, how things changed
 during that decade!
  Running Scared  Roy Orbison   33K   2:13  Wonderful sounding MIDI
  Sittin' On The Dock
Of The Bay
 Otis Redding   29K   2:37  Here's one for the
 Otis Redding fans
  Sleep Walk  Santo & Johnny   42K   3:58  Piano version
  Sleep Walk  Santo & Johnny   91K   3:43  Guitar version
  Soldier Boy  The Shirrelles   16K   1:41  Good sounding MIDI
  Somethin' Stupid  Nancy & Frank
  25K   2:43  That sure is an appropriate
 title for this song!
  So Much In Love  The Tymes   8K   2:09  Just made the cut
  Soul Man  Sam & Dave   74K   2:55  Blues Brothers theme
  Sounds Of Silence  Simon & Garfunkel   14K   3:11  Good listening
  Sounds Of Silence  Simon & Garfunkel   61K   3:05  Techno version. Great
  Stand By Your Man  Tammy Wynette   77K   2:42  This 1968 classic was one of
  the first to bridge the gap to
  country-western music
  Stone Soul Picnic  Fifth Dimension   32K   3:29  Nice song - Nice MIDI
  Stop In The Name
Of Love
 The Supremes   37K   3:12  Nice karaoke MIDI
  Stormy  The Classics IV   11K   1:12  What a great sound
  Strangers In The Night  Frank Sinatra   49K   2:47  Great song - Great MIDI
 Wonderful Entertainer
  Stranger On The Shore  Acker Bilk   19K   3:00  Good listening
  Sugar Shack  Jimmy Gilmer &
 The Fireballs
  21K   2:02  #1 song of the year
 for 1963
  Sugar Sugar  The Archies   49K   3:18  #1 song of the year
 for 1969
  Sugar Sugar  The Archies   39K   2:51  Bubblegum music
  Sunshine Of Your Love  Cream   85K   5:07  Featuring Eric Clapton
  Sweet Caroline  Neil Diamond   29K   3:43  Neil Diamond classic
  Sweet Nothin's  Brenda Lee   22K   2:09  Good MIDI sound
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