The 70's MIDI Files T-Z
Song Title Artist  Size  Time Comment
  Tears Of A Clown  Smokie Robinson   28K   2:02  Later recorded by
 Aaron Neville
  Tequila Sunrise  The Eagles   36K   2:54  Nice sounding MIDI
  That's The Way I Always
Heard It Should Be
 Carly Simon   21K   1:59  Very good, if you like
 Carly Simon songs
  The Candy Man  Sammy Davis, Jr.   26K   3:05  Nice jazz tune
  The Entertainer  Marvin Hamlisch   12K   2:12  Catchy Scott Joplin tune
  The First Time Ever
I Saw Your Face
 Roberta Flack   37K   3:02  A VERY mellow song.
  The Hustle  Van McCoy and
 The Soul City
  21K   1:25  Everybody hustle now!
  There Is Love  Paul Stokey   35K   3:42
 Popular wedding song
  The Way We Were  Barbra Streisand   13K   2:47  Nicely done
  The Way We Were  Barbra Streisand   33K   3:58  A much nicer version
  This Masquerade  George Benson   49K   4:04  Nice jazz arrangement
  Three Times A Lady  The Commodores   16K   3:38  Karaoke arrangement
  Time In A Bottle  Jim Croce   17K   2:06  Nice song from 1974
  Tonight's The Night  Rod Stewart   32K   3:40  This is quite nice
  Wasted Days And
Wasted Nights
 Freddy Fender   22K   2:48  Nice guitar sequence
 by Mel Webb
  We Are The Champions  Queen   39K   2:56  An Oldie but Goodie
  We're All Alone  Boz Scaggs   22K   4:10  Nice mellow love song
  When You're In Love
With A Beautiful Woman
 Dr. Hook   48K   3:24  You'll like this one
  Whole Lotta Love  Led Zeppelin   41K   4:11  Parts of this are
 extremely good
  Will It Go 'Round
In Circles
 Billy Preston   56K   3:33  Nice sounding MIDI
  Wish You Were Here  Pink Floyd   26K   3:56  Nice sound from 1975
  With A Little Help
From My Friends
 Joe Cocker   59K   4:41  Think Woodstock!
  Without You  Nilsson   23K   3:38  Very Enjoyable
  Y. M. C. A.  The Village People   44K   4:17  SUPER Disco song
 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet  Bachman-Turner
  99K   3:45  Powerful sound
 You Are So Beautiful  Joe Cocker   13K   2:41  Close your eyes and
 imagine hearing Joe's
 raspy voice
 You Are The Sunshine
Of My Life
 Stevie Wonder   28K   2:59  Nice mellow sound
 You Light Up My Life  Debby Boone   29K   4:11  Very enjoyable
 You Make Me Feel
Brand New
 The Stylistics   11K   4:13  Another nice sound
 You're So Vain  Carly Simon   47K   4:36  Nice karaoke sound
 You've Got A Friend  James Taylor   42K   3:48  Nice song
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