Classical MIDI Files  
Song Title  Size  Time Comment
  1812 Overture  13K  1:06   Fanfare of Tchaikovsky classic
  1812 Overture  180K  14:19   Complete Tchaikovsky classic
  (The) Blue Danube  153K  12:19   Famous Strauss Waltz
  (The) Blue Danube  46K  2:14   Popular Melody Only
  Caprice Italiano  185K  13:41   Tchaikovsky
  Danse Macabre, Op.40  94K  7:14   Camille Saint-Saens
  Fur Elise  21K  2:35   Beethoven
  Fur Elise  6K  6:43   This is wonderful
  Moonlight Sonata  5K  1:49   Beethovan. 1st Movement (Short).
  Moonlight Sonata  22K  5:12   Beethovan. 1st Movement.
  Moonlight Sonata  75K  15:29   Beethovan. All 3 Movements.
  Ode To Joy  77K  6:00   Beethoven
  Peter & The Wolf  12K  1:04   Tchaikovsky/Prokofiev. SUPER

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