Country Roads MIDI Files  
Song Title  Size  Time Comment
  Country Roads   19K   2:06  Used on our home page (banjo lead)
  By Far THE BEST version
  Country Roads   35K   2:26  Faster Up Tempo Version
  Country Roads   35K   2:55  Similar to above but slower tempo.
  Country Roads   78K   3:20  This is SUPER. Fiddle Lead.
  Sounds GREAT on cheap sound card.
  Country Roads   29K   1:48  Sequenced by Mel Webb
  Country Roads   64K   3:02  Nicely done - steel guitar lead
  Country Roads   64K   3:02  Similar to previous but has softer
  lead instrument
  Country Roads   62K   2:25  Nice Karaoke version
  Country Roads   16K   3:16  A slower version and the runt
  of the litter!


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