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  A Little Elvis Trivia  
What was the first number one song that Elvis had in
the United States and when was it Number 1?

( See answer below)
Song Title  Size  Time Comment
  Elvis Stage Show Medley  135K  10:34
If you listen to
but one of our MIDI files,
  All Shook Up   20K   2:01  Great sound from 1957
  Always On My Mind   18K   3:39  Beautiful Willie Nelson song
  Amazing Grace   17K   2:50  Very nice. REALLY!
  American Trilogy   40K   4:01  Nice trilogy of patriotic tunes
  Are You Lonesome Tonight   18K   2:22  Classic Elvis love song
  Blue Christmas   22K   3:20  Holiday song
  Blue Suede Shoes   41K   1:40  Don't step on my shoes!
  Bridge Over Troubled Water   19K   4:08  A great Simon & Garfunkle hit
  Burning Love   37K   2:41  This turned out great!
  Can't Help Falling
In Love With You
  64K   2:58
Beautiful song
  Can't Help Falling
In Love With You
  22K   2:56  A different version
  Danny Boy   5K   2:17  Nice mellow sound
  Don't Be Cruel   25K   2:03  Nice sound
  For The Good Times   26K   3:24  Nice Ray Price song
  Green Green Grass Of Home   36K   3:33  A traditional song that he
 always liked to sing
  Green Green Grass Of Home   21K   3:12  Another nice arrangement
  Hard Headed Woman   27K   1:57  This is a NEAT MIDI
  Hound Dog   58K   2:43  This is nice
  How Great Thou Art   8K   2:14  Great "Elvis" arrangement
  I Want You, I Need You
I Love You
  35K   2:43  Another great MIDI
  Jailhouse Rock   35K   2:32  Classic Elvis Rock
  Johnny B. Goode   48K   2:35  Yes, Elvis sang this too!
  Love Me Tender   7K   2:41  Guarantee you'll like this
  Love Me Tender   30K   3:47  Another nice arrangement
  My Way   30K   4:32  A beautiful Frank Sinatra song
 .....but so appropriate for Elvis
  Return To Sender   40K   2:23  Another classic Elvis song
  Suspicious Minds   54K   3:29  One word - FANTASTIC!
  Teddy Bear   31K   1:54  Good Rock & Roll song
  Too Much   37K   2:36  Another song from 1957
  What'd I Say   53K   3:34  Great Ray Charles song
  Whole Lot of Shakin'   57K   3:17  Great Jerry Lee Lewis song
  Wonder Of You   25K   2:12
This is SUPER!
  You Gave Me A Mountain   23K   3:10  So did you, Elvis!

Trivia Answer
The first Number 1 song Elvis Presley had in the US was
Heartbreak Hotel
In April of 1956

He followed that with 2 more Number 1 songs that year:
Don't Be Cruel ( August, 1956 )
Love Me Tender ( November, 1956 )

Plus had these top hits that year
I Want You, I Need You, I Love You ( Number 3 in July, 1956 )
Hound Dog ( Number 2 in August, 1956 )

For The Year 1956, Elvis had the top 2 hits
#1 - Heartbreak Hotel
#2 - Don't Be Cruel
The first and only Single Artist to ever finish 1-2

These above mentioned 5 songs were ALL in the Top 100 for the Year 1956

In 1956, Elvis' singles spent a total of six months at #1 on the Billboard Charts.
This feat was only accomplished one other time in rock history.
Who and when?
Elvis in 1957

And in case you were wondering, Elvis had 14 #1 songs
during his recording career, the last being in 1969

Suspicious Minds ( November, 1969 )

( Above data courtesty Pop Music Charts Archive )

Elvis Has Left The Building

A Personal Note
    Putting this Elvis collection together has undoubtedly been the most enjoyable part of this website. I remember, as a youngster, when Elvis first came on the scene, my Dad pointing and laughing as Elvis "gyrated" on the black and white TV set. People didn't know how to handle him. Ed Sullivan had Elvis on his variety show but refused to show "the lower portion" of his body!

    The man was truly an entertainer. Whether it was one of his movies (most of which were just downright "poor"), his orginal songs, his versions of other artist's songs, or his live stage shows, Elvis WASThe King! He affected music in a manner not seen since the days of Beethovan and Mozart. And while his loss hurt music and the entertainment world, his life teaches us all that there is more to life than fame and fortune.

    Thanks for letting me share my thoughts with you. I hope you enjoyed the songs in Our Elvis Collection.



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