Miscellaneous Tunes  
Song Title  Size  Time Comment
  Another One Bites The Dust   26K   3:17  For the sporting crowd
  Bridal March   4K   3:17  Anything can happen on the internet
  Chicago Bulls Theme   9K   1:15  Great Sound
  Chicken Dance   29K   2:20  Sports event tune
  Happy Birthday   9K   2:35  Celebrate on the net
  Heart 'n Soul   13K   2:40  Who hasn't played this on a piano?
  Italian Medley   87K   5:36  This is really good
  Latin   12K   0:52  Great Latin beat
  Miscellaneous One   8K   0:28  Now this is a fun song!
  Tijuana Taxi   24K   5:38  Herb Albert. Well done
  We Will Rock You   10K   2:01  Queen. Simple but nice


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