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     Can you name the mystery MIDI tunes? We feature several selections and will change them when we get a few winners. Simply click on the selections below and use the handy entry form to submit you information. Winners giving the proper title and the author/artist will be listed in our winners' circle. No prize or major recognition, just a big "ATTA BOY" for your efforts!!

     We added a couple new tunes but NO ONE has correctly named Mystery Tune Number 1 so it still remains. We also made the other tunes a little more difficult to guess!

     Yes, we've added something new! Remember the old Name That Tune TV Show where you had to name the song in so many notes? Try your luck in our Name That Tune In 5 Notes at the bottom of this page!!




     Yes, we're going to make it challenging! For the next two songs, you are given 5 notes of the melody or beginning of the songs and will be asked to give the name of the song. Here's a hint - the songs are SOMEWHERE on Our MIDI Jukebox!!




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