80's & 90's MIDI Files A-C
Song Title Artist  Size  Time Comment
  Africa  Toto   72K   4:15  Great sounds. Great beat
  Against All Odds  Phil Collins   24K   3:07  Great sounding MIDI
  Alone  Heart   31K   3:35  Number 2 song of 1987
  Always On My Mind  Willie Nelson   18K   3:39  What a beautiful MIDI
  Always On My Mind  Pet Shop Boys   80K   3:32  Disco version.
  All Night Long  Lionel Richie   27K   1:57  This short demo has some
 very "interesting" sounds
  All Night Long  Lionel Richie   92K   6:04  Longer version but not
 quite as good
  All Night Long  Lionel Richie  133K   6:28  Here's a great version with
 a calypso flavor
  America  Neil Diamond   31K   4:00  Super MIDI
  Another Brick In
The Wall
 Pink Floyd   60K   3:37  The guitar sequence in
 this is AWESOME
  Babe  Styx   29K   4:12  Nice sounding MIDI
  Baby I Love Your Way  Big Mountain   33K   4:35  You'll like this one
  Barbie Girl  Aqua   97K   3:12  This baby ROCKS!
  Betty Davis Eyes  Kim Karnes   33K   3:47  Great sound. WOW!
  Bitch  Meredith Brooks   64K   4:14  Nice sound
  Borderline  Madona   45K   5:04  A great MIDI from
 Our Premiere Collection
  Breakout  Swing Out Sister   49K   3:58  Wonderful sound from
 Our Premiere Collection
  Brick House  The Commodores   31K   2:35  Nicely done
  Can't Help Falling
In Love With You
 UB 40   35K   2:28  You'll Enjoy This One
  Canyon Voices  Tangerine Dream   23K   4:18  Great sounding MIDI from
 Our Premiere Collection
  Caught In The
 John Wetton   39K   4:09  We like the sound of
 this one.
  Cavatina  The Deer Hunter   5K   2:52  From the movie
  Celebration  Kool & The Gang   43K   2:56  Great dance song
  Celebration  Kool & The Gang   36K   2:56  Another great version
  Change The World  Eric Clapton   34K   3:56  Nice smooth sound
  Changes In Latitudes  Jimmy Buffet   30K   3:15  You'll enjoy this one
  Children  Robert Miles   84K   7:38  Parts of this are
 "very interesting"
  Come Monday  Jimmy Buffet   42K   3:09  Very well done
  Crazy Little Thing
Called Love
 Queen   41K   2:43  This is quite nice
  Crazy On You  Heart   50K   4:30  This was a great song.
 Sorry we only have this
 karaoke version to offer.
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