Premiere Collection of MIDI Files  
A collection of some of the best sounding MIDI Files on the Internet
Song Title  Size  Time Comment
  Amazing Grace   6K   2:56  If this were on a CD, it could sell
 a million copies. Well, almost!
  Amarillo By Morning   25K   3:42  Nice mellow country song
  Avenue   10K   1:10  This is "NIFTY"!
  Ballade Pour Adeline
(Ballad For Adeline)
  9K   2:33  Beautiful Richard Clayderman song
  Borderline   45K   5:04  Madonna - Nice sound/beat
  Breakout   49K   3:58  Sounds great and really ROCKS
  Canyon Voices   23K   4:18  Interesting tune by Tangerine Dream
  Catherine of Aragon   30K   3:47  Pretty song by Rick Wakeman
  Cavatina   5K   2:52  Beautiful song from The Deer Hunter
  Chris   15K   3:07  Outstanding MIDI
  Dreaming In Stereo   108K   5:58  Sounds like a CD cut
  Dreams   61K   4:34  Fantastic MIDI by Van Halen
  Echoes   88K   5:47  Unbelievable Sound
  Elvis Stage Show Medley  135K  10:34
If you listen to
but one of our MIDI files,
  Emerald Dragon   24K   4:11  Very well done
  Fallen Idols
(Crying For Help)
  15K   4:20  Beautiful song by Arena
  Feed The Birds   10K   3:44  Enjoyable song from
 our Disney Collection
  Flute Song   9K   2:11  This BEAUTY is from Star Trek -
 The Next Generation
  Goodnight   9K   3:16  Nice Lullabye for your child
  Let's Go Crazy   83K   3:58  Prince - Good rock tune
  Leya's Song   8K   1:35  Beautiful sound
  Mademoiselle de Paris   31K   2:50  You might not recognize the name,
 but you've probably heard this tune.
  Over The Waves   50K   2:59  This is DIFFERENT!
 Sounds like a player piano
  Pacific Coast Highway   65K   5:30  Great jazz MIDI
  Ride The Wind   51K   4:24  Great sounding MIDI
  The Good, The Bad
And The Ugly
  58K   3:14  Here it is folks....
  There Is Love   35K   3:42  Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!
 Popular wedding song by Paul Stokey
  Thunderbirds Theme   48K   3:14  No 3D feature needed for full sound
 from this great TV Theme
  Together In Electric Dreams   74K   4:36  Great beat - FANTASTIC sound!
  Walking In The Rain   39K   4:25  Gosh, this is NICE!
  We Have No Idea   31K   2:50  Let us know if you know the title
 of this great Latin tune
  What Is Love   61K   4:38  Techno sound by Haddaway
  Where Do You Go   83K   4:18  Nice pop tune by No Mercy
  You Don't Fool Me   86K   5:21  Great song by Queen

Enhanced Listening Tip:
If your audio card supports it, use the 3D Stereo Enhancement
setting for most all of these songs. It makes a BIG difference!


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