Tag a-long Jukebox

     What's a Tag-along Jukebox you might be asking? Let's explain it this way. Would you like to be able to listen to the great sounds of Our MIDI Jukebox while surfing other sites on the net? With the Tag-along Jukebox you can do just that!

     Once you've decided on the jukebox to listen to, simply click on the bar and a Tag-along Jukebox opens in a new "small" browser window. You can now leave this site and go about your surfing while listening to our great sounds. The songs will play randomly or you can pick and choose as you like. When you close down the small window the songs will stop.

     There are now 16 jukeboxes to select from and all have been recently updated. Each one contains anywhere from 14-20 songs and will play about one and a half hours. You will want to bookmark this site so you can come back for more Tag-alongs. You can also click on the Our MIDI Jukebox title at the top of the player and it will bring you back to this page. We've made it easy to get back to this page, just use this URL: http://www.jayp.net/jukebox/index_tagalong.htm

     If you have questions or problems with the Tag-along Jukebox, please check HERE for tips and comments.


Our Sampler Vol. 1

     Like the famous Whitman Chocolate Sampler, this is for the "undecided" or those who just want to sample some of our sounds.
     Here you'll find a wonderful assortment of sounds from throughout Our MIDI Jukebox. It is a good representation of the quality MIDI files on this site.

Our Sampler Vol. 2

     We just had too many great sounds to fit into one "box" so we added a second sampler. This is another assorted collection of 20 MIDI tunes from throughout Our MIDI Jukebox. The samplers are our most popular Tag-alongs and are a great choice for the first time visitor.

Premiere Sounds

     The Premiere section of Our MIDI Jukebox contains some unique, great sounding MIDI files. You may not recognize the song but we are sure the sounds will please you. This is MIDI music at its best!

Bluegrass & Country

     If you've visited our Bluegrass & Country section you've heard some great sounds there. Select this Tag-along Jukebox to enjoy these great sounds while you surf the net.

Rock & Roll 50s Vol. 1

     Only the best make it to Our MIDI Jukebox. We've searched through hundreds of MIDI files and have 20 in this group that are sure to please.

Rock & Roll 50s Vol. 2

     Life was "simple" in the 50's and so was the music. No implied or hidden meanings....just good ole rock and roll. Here's another 20 great tunes from our 50's collection.

Strictly 60s Vol. 1

     The era of long hair and English bands created some great sounds. If you're a 60's fan, you're sure to enjoy the 20 great sounding MIDI files in this collection.

Strictly 60s Vol. 2

     Yes, there were some great sounds in the 60's. And we have far too many great MIDI files for just one Tag-along so we've added a second 60's collection.

The 70's Volume 1

     Maybe this decade didn't have anyone as influential as Elvis or The Beatles were in the 50's and & 60's, but many of the 70's songs were "classics". Enjoy this collection of 20 of the best sounds from the 70's

The 70's Volume 2

     Many of the hits from the amazing 70's are still popular today. We just don't seem to tire of the music from this decade. Didn't hear your favorite 70's tune in the first collection? Maybe it's in this one.

80's & 90's Pop/Rock Vol. 1

     If you can't stand "Mom and Dad's music" then here's where you find pop tunes of today. This collection includes 20 songs from the 80's and 90's.

80's & 90's Pop/Rock Vol. 2

     No Rap or Heavy Metal sounds here, just some great sounds from the 80's and 90's. If your favorite song wasn't in the first volume then try this one.

80's & 90's Pop/Rock Vol. 3

     We had too many great 80's and 90's Pop and Rock sounds to get into even two tag-along volumes. So, for your enjoyment, we've added a third and hope if contains your favorite sounds

Our Featured Artists

     In our Pop/Rock section we have a special area for selected artists. This Tag-along contains 21 highlight songs by the Beatles, Elvis, Bee Gees, Carpenters, Abba, Bread, Elton John and Ace of Base.

Jazz Collection

     If you enjoy good jazz sounds then try this collection. Take these 14 tunes with you while you surf the net.

Beautiful Sounds of Christmas

     Have a good sound card? Throw away those tapes and CD's and listen to the Beautiful Sounds of Christmas. These aren't your ordinary MIDI files but a baker's dozen PLUS ONE of the best Christmas sounds.



     The Tag-along Jukebox has become one of the most popular features of this website. We get many requests asking "how do you make one" or "can you make one for our website"? While the coding is somewhat complex, it is there for you viewing and use. In short, if you aren't familiar with how to examine and "borrow" coding then this is probably more than you should be tackling at this point. But the requests keep coming in so we are now going to make them available for your website.

     We will make you a custom Tag-along Jukebox, complete with 20 songs of your choice for $20.00. You need to supply the MIDI files (from your website) but we'll do all the graphic work and HTML coding. For more details please send us an email.



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